Plenary Speakers Guidelines


February 23-26, 2016  MYANMAR


The 8th APCRSHR organizers are very pleased to have you as a plenary speaker during the conference at the Myanmar International Convention Center II in Nay Pyi Taw on February 23-26, 2014. The following guidelines will provide you with basic information about the plenary session.

Important conference reminders
1.    It is vital that you register online. Please see separate file for registration procedures.
2.    Please email your brief CV (one page) on or before December15, 2015 to
The plenary speakers’ brief biographies will be available on the website by mid-December. Plenary session chairs will review these biographies to enable them to introduce the speakers properly. If the information is found inaccurate in your biographies, kindly send your corrections.


          3.    Email your full paper and your power point software to register.apcrshr@gmail.comon or before Feb 8,2016.

         General instructions

         1.      The 8th APCRSHR’s main conference has four major tracks. Each track has three plenary speakers representing the following sectors. The organizers thought that  this format would provide a more dynamic and enlightening plenary session because the speakers would provide varying perspectives regarding their respective  topics.

           2.       The four major tracks of the conference are as follows:

Track Sub Themes
 Track 1:   Health rights for all: Towards enabling laws and policies for SRHR
  1. Sex, love and marriage: What’s the State got to do with it?
  2. Moving from paper to practice: Ensuring implementation of progressive laws and policies
  3. Overcoming legal challenges to reproductive and SRHR in Asia-Pacific
  4. How old are you? Legal and policy issues affecting young people’s SRHR
  5. Pathways to elimination of gender-based violence
  6. Comprehensive sexuality education policies and their implementation
 Track 2:   Governance and accountability
  1. Decentralization and SRHR
  2. Budget advocacy and monitoring
  3. SRHR in public-private partnership
  4. International agreements of SRHR
  5. CSO-watch
Track 3:   Health Justice! Towards Sustainable SRHR Financing 
  1. Rights Based Universal Access to SRH
  2. Alternative models for SRHR financing
  3. Social marketing for SRH
  4. Regional integration- implications on trade agreements and SRH commodities
  5. Financing for development and SRHR in the post 2015
Track 4: SRH Integration in Health Systems
  1. Sex Talk -  Enhancing STI, HIV and Sexual Health Services Beyond the Targets and Demographics
  2. From the Bedroom to the Classroom- Integrating SRHR in MNCH Services
  3. Youth Speak- Exploring the Integration of SRHR in Adolescent and Youth Health Services
  4. For Adults Only- Towards Effective SRHR Integration in Adult Health Services
  5. No Voice Unheard- Speaking out on Timely Issues in SRHR


3.     Please check the conference program for the day and time of your plenary session. A preliminary program is attached to this message. You may also refer to the website for the online conference program which will be regularly updated.
4.    Plenary speakers are encouraged to utilize the Microsoft power point software for the presentation. They are also requested to provide the conference organizers with the soft copy of their papers which would be circulated during the conference.
5.    The presentation and other related materials (such as videos and pictures) should be reviewed or updated by the speaker one or two days before the presentation at the Conference Speakers’ Viewing Room with the use of a USB saving device or a CD. This room has a number of computers.
6.    Plenary session rooms are equipped with master computers and a laser pointer. Thus no personal computers will be allowed for the presentations during the parallel
7.    For Macintosh and non-Macintosh users, prepare your presentation according to the following:

  • Observe common fonts (such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana).
  • Pictures to be used for the presentation should be in JPG format.
  • Video to be used for the presentation should be in AVI and WMV format.
8.    The plenary session chairpersons will arrange to meet with you prior to your plenary session in the Conference Speakers’ Room. This room is open for the entire duration of the conference, from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.