Parallel Session Oral Presentation General Guidelines


February 23-26, 2016  MYANMAR



The 8th APCRSHR organizers are very pleased to have you as a parallel session speaker during the conference at the Myanmar International Convention Center II in Nay Pyi Taw on February 23- 26, 2016. The following guidelines provide you with basic information about the oral presentation.


General instructions

1.    A parallel session has three speakers for 1.5 hours (90 minutes). Each speaker is given a maximum of 15 minutes to make the oral presentation. The three speakers will
       have a maximum time of one hour (60 minutes). The remaining half an hour will be used for open forum to provide some time to discuss and to clarify some points of the
2.    A speaker is encouraged to utilize the Microsoft power point software for the oral presentation. The Scientific Committee would like the oral presenters to submit their
       power point presentations before coming to the 8th APCRSHR. This will provide the parallel session chairpersons ample time to study the papers and for the organizers
       to integrate the papers in the appropriate parallel sessions.
3.    All the presentation and other related materials (such as videos and pictures) should be reviewed or updated by the oral presenter one or two days before the presentation
       at the Conference Speakers’ Viewing Room with the use of a USB saving device or a CD. This room has a number of computers.
4.    Parallel session rooms are equipped with master computers and a laser pointer. Thus no personal computers will be allowed for the presentations during the parallel
5.    For Macintosh and non-Macintosh users, prepare your presentation according to the following:

  • Observe common fonts (such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Veranda).
  • Pictures to be used for the presentation should be in JPG format.
  • Video to be used for the presentation should be in AVI and WMV format.
6.   Power point presentations should be submitted to the committee on or before February 08, 2016. Send them to
  • Follow this format when saving your power point presentation: Full Name-Oral Presentation
  • Example: Harvey Palalay-Oral Presentation
  • Make sure to send your power point presentation on the said format.
Guidelines Prior to the Conference
1.    All oral presenters are advised to register online. Please see separate file for registration procedures.
2.    A preliminary program is provided to all the oral presenters with these guidelines. The 8thAPCRSHR’s final program will be uploaded in mid-December 2015.

Guidelines before the Session
1.    The presenters are encouraged to be in the Speakers’ Viewing Room one hour prior to the scheduled presentation session to allow for sufficient time to prepare,
       rehearse and finalize the presentation.
2.    Presenters are advised to bring an extra copy/back up file of their presentation saved in a USB saving device, CD and/or DVD.
3.    The presenter must be in the session room 15 minutes prior to the scheduled presentation to avoid waiting for others and to make sure that the session begins
       on time. Presenters must adjust their time and make sure that they follow the Myanmar time.

Guidelines during the Session
1.    Presenters are advised to bring an extra copy/back up file of their presentation saved in a USB saving device, CD and/or DVD in case their files in the master
       computers would not work.
2.    The session chairs are expected to make sure that the session starts on time and that all speakers remain within the time allotted for their presentation. The Chair
       introduces the speakers and moderates questions and answers from the audience