The roots of the Asian Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR) began in The Hague during the 1999 ICPD+5 Review and Assessment. During that event, some Asian delegates including those from the Philippines, Malaysia, India and other countries thought that there was not enough space for sharing their experiences in implementing the paradigm shift propounded by the 1994 ICPD Plan of Action. Recognizing the wealth of experience and lessons learned by the people of the Asia and Pacific region as they endeavored to adopt a new paradigm, this group of Asians initiated a regional conference where people of the Asia and Pacific region are able to share experiences and connect with others to be able to produce more synergistic results. Strategic objectives of APCRSHR stated that the conference should be NGO led and should address policy gaps. APCRSHR is one of the major venues where SRHR is discussed and debated. The conference invites sharing and networking among the civil society organizations of the Asia and Pacific Region. Reproductive health care as defined at ICPD includes family planning counselling, information, education, communication and services; education and services for prenatal care, safe delivery and post-natal care, especially breast-feeding and infant and women's health care; prevention and treatment of infertility; prevention and management of abortion; treatment of reproductive tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other reproductive health conditions; and information, education and counselling on human sexuality, reproductive health and responsible parenthood.