Field Visits

Optional Field Trip Program for 8th APCRSHR
An optional Field Trip for 8th APCRSHR participants is scheduled on Thursday 25 February 2016

  • 15:00PM to 17:30 PM (duration 2 hrs 30 min.)
  • Air-conditioned Bus Trip (liaison person)
  • 80 persons / site of total 4 sites
  • 3 sites in Nay Pyi Taw city area: 2 from MMCWA and 1 from PSI
  • 2 sites in Naypyitaw District rural communities
  • Will not engaged with Conference’s business sessions

Sightseeing around Napyitaw for non-participants of Field Trip (80 persons) is an option and to be discussed.
MMCWA organized sites
Two sites in Nay Pyi Taw City Area

  1. Myitta-sanyay Maternity Clinic and Youth Information Corner of MMCWA
  2. Pyinmana Township MCWA  Maternity Home

Two sites in Nay Pyi Taw District rural communities

  1. Sama-Taung’ Orphanage with development programs situated at the edge of Bago Yoma Range
  2. MMCWA’s “Reach to Un-reached” : routine, monthly mobile clinic at village setting

PSI Showcase

  1. PSI service delivery point at Pyinmana urban area


Site I. Myitta-Sanyay Maternity Clinic of MMCWA
MMCWA has established 135 Maternity Home throughout the country to provide Reproductive Health Services with emphasis On Safe Motherhood. Myitta-sanyay Clinic was established in 2009 with the aim of providing RH services, Safe Motherhood programs, Diagnostic services for early detection of female reproductive tract cancers and Referral linkages with Specialist Hospital for the rural and vulnerable groups around Nay Pyi Taw. Myitta-Sanyay Clinic was located in the compound of Central MMCWA (Ten-bedded facility with voluntary service assistance from Specialists and Lab –technicians of Public Sector, Health Education Sessions concerned with Safe Motherhood, Immunization, Nutrition and Seasonal disease, etc).

Site II. Pyinmana Township MMCWA Maternity Home
A vintage MMCWA Centre of Pyinmanar Township Association, established since 1951 as Pediatric Dispensary by civic-minded residents of the townand developed into Maternal and Child Care facility to include care and support for families and pregnant women of the vulnerable groups of the town and from surrounding rural communities. Since the facility was re-established as Pyinmanar Township MCWAin 1983, the Centre was supported by the Health Personnel from the Public Sector and member volunteers of the township since its establishment. Many initiatives came into being because of MMCWA’s collaboration with the IPPF and quite recently the NORAD Project for Prevention of Unsafe Abortion and Post Abortion Care Project and its FP services are highlights of the facility

Site III. ‘Sama–Taung’ Orphanage with development programs situated at the edge of
Bago Yoma Range

The one-of- a- kind development centre for orphans, organized by a monk who had the dream and dedication since his university days before entering monkhood. Established in 1990 with 4 orphans and developed into a 500-capacity –orphanage at present with infants to young adults, attending university education. Despite organized within a monastic compound by Buddhist monks, children from all geographic areas with different religious back-grounds are accepted and allowed to remain or free to choose to have their own choices for religion. Education programs from primary level to university levels are included and arranged for children to pursue and return to the society with grace. Visitors may experience the pastoral surroundings along the trip –onto the edge of BagoYoma Range.

Site IV. MMCWA’s “Reach to Un-reached”: monthly mobile clinic at village setting
Moving SRHR towards remote and rural communities by professionals and volunteers since the re-establishment of the Association’s Head Quarters to the New Administrative Capital, Nay Pyi Taw in 2008. Multi-disciplinary mobile outreach activity with SRH services: Collaborative health care effort among- MMCWA Central, NPT District MCWA, Village Tract MCWA, Department of Public Health, Department of Medical Services including Advocacy and Education on SRH, Educational sessions for pregnant mothers, Treatment options on general health, obstetrics and gynecology, elderly care, eye and dental specialties.

Site V. PSI Service Delivery Station of Pyinmana Urban Area ( PSI )
Population Services International/Myanmar (PSI/M) was founded in 1995 with an early focus on HIV prevention, and it has since expanded into a broader range of health areas. PSI/M launched Sun Quality Health (SQH), a network of private physicians established in 2001 that PSIJM trains and monitors on reproductive health (RH), tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. In each health area, PSI/M provides SQH members with training, patient education materials, promotion, ·access to products, and supervision and monitoring. 1n return, the providers commit to service standards and a price structure that offers them small margins but ensures that the service are affordable to even the lowest-income populations. Within this channel of the Sun Network, there are 1418 active doctors providing care through their own clinics in Myanmar. For reproductive health area, the available services at Sun Clinics are providing high quality, affordable birth spacing products, counseling about birth spacing services, follow up appointment for using contraceptive services correctly and consistently, checking sexually transmitted infection during IUD services and cervical cancer screening services with VIA method.

Site VI. Counseling Services of Nay Pyi Taw Women Affairs’ Organization
Nay Pyi Taw Women Affairs’ Organization has provided counseling services for the women with disadvantage social background since 2006. The mission provides counseling services to support the development of women. The services objectives are to relieve the psychosocial problems; to have a capacity for decision making by themselves and to provide necessary assistance for the women who need special services by giving appropriate referral.
The target clients are the women, who are facing the domestic violence, who are victims of human-trafficking, who suffers abused and forced labor issues. Some clients are referred from complaint mechanisms.
The counseling centers are established at Nay Pyi Taw Women Affairs’ Organization Office and 2 other areas in Nay Pyi Taw Council. All centres are opened every weekday during office hours.
The trained counselors in specific areas are providing counseling services including psychological support, discussion on health, legal aid, life skills enhancement, career orientation and vocational training, personal development support and follow up plan.
Types of counseling services are: Counseling on violence; counseling on behavior change communication; social counseling; family counseling; marital counseling.