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Booth No. Company/organization Description Company/organization Contact Person Product / Service Description E-mail
A1 Akhaya Women organization Akhaya Women is an organization which works for women and children at the grass rout level. It’s aim to empower for the women and to increase their capacity Ma Nan Htwe                            Naw She’ Wah Akhaya is an organization for women led by women. Akhaya provide sexuality dialogue in order to empower women by knowing their body. Moreover,  Akhaya support mechanism for survivors of violence such as legal service, counseling service and vocational training. As one of Akhaya’s ambition to empower Myanmar women, handicraft trainings are conducted for women from grassroots communities.,
A2 MMCWA        
A7 Jhpiego-an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University Jhpiego is an international, non-profit health organization affiliated with The Johns Hopkins University. For 40 years and in over 155 countries, Jhpiego has worked to prevent the needless deaths of women and their families. Jhpiego works with health experts, governments and community leaders to provide high-quality health care for their people. Jhpiego develops strategies to help countries care for themselves by training competent health care workers, strengthening health systems and improving delivery of care. Jhpiego designs innovative, effective and low-cost health care solutions to ensure a level of care for women and their families. These practical, evidence-based interventions are breaking down barriers to high-quality health care for the world’s most vulnerable populations Ms. Leah Thayer, Dr. Hnin Wai Hlaing Jhpiego will display job aids, simulators, technical and program briefers, activity photos and video clips. Jhpiego will open with a quiz session to promote knowledge across health areas such as sexual and reproductive health, maternal, newborn and child health, family planning, cervical cancer prevention, and communicable and non-communicable diseases;
A9 World Health Organization      ( WHO ) WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations system. WHO country Office Myanmar provides technical and financial assistance to, and collaborates with, the Ministry of Health, and other major health partners.   WHO will provide a promotion booth regarding RMNCAH ( Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health ). Related advocacy materials will be displayed and distributed. In promoting the World Health Day 2016, on Diabetes, there will be screening of Non Communicable Diseases ( NCDs ) risk factors for the conference participants, including measuring of body mass index ( BMI ), testing of blood pressure and random blood sugar level.
A11 MMCWA        
B1 Population Services International /Myanmar INGO working under MOU with DOH since 1995. Large social marketing organization working via private channels for health impact in different health areas like reproductive health, child survival, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV Ms. Leah-Mari Richards PSI/ Myanmar Planning services and products available in its social franchised network
B3 Ford Foundation        
B4 IPPF        
B5 UOPH        
B6 3MDG This is a multidonor fund supported by the governments of the UK, Australia, the USA, the Euopean Union, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland to work in partnerships with the government of Myanmar and other partners, to strengthen the national health system at all levels, extending access for poor and vulnerable populations to quality health services. The 3MDG Fund has a significant, timely and nationwide impact improving maternal, newborn and child health, combating HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, and health system strengthening to deliver sustainable, efficient and responsive healthcare across Myanmar. Dr. Panna Erasmus The 3MDG Fund works with the MOH Myanmar and other partners to save maternal and newborn lives through emergency referrals. Over 20,000 mothers were referred to hospitals from January 2013 to June 2015 in areas and populations where infrastructure, geography, and poverty are significant barriers to access health services.
B7 UNFPA        
B8 Marie Stopes International Myanmar A global non-profit organization
providing sexual and reproductive health and rights including family planning
services through its clinics
Dr. Sid Naing, Country Director Marie Stopes International, a global non-profit organisation, started its operations in Myanmar since 1997. It provides information, commodities and services, and support conducive environment, for sexual and reproductive health and rights matters including family planning, RTI/STI and HIV through its clinics, outreach teams, and private sector channels.
B9 MSD, Healthcare Unit, DKSH Co.Ltd MSD, short for Merck Sharp and Dhome, is a US-based company which researches, produces and markets pharmaceutical products worldwide. We usually rank 1-10 among pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Dr. Swe Thin Khine MSD markets 'Contraceptives' (Impanon NXT, Marvelon 28, Exluton) and a vaccine for HPV (Gardasil). lmplanon NXT is a subdermal contraceptive implant which contains 68mg of etonogestrel. Marvelon 28 is a COC that contains 30 meg ethinylestradiol and 150 meg desogestrel. Exluton is progestogen only pill which contains lynestrenol 0.5 mg. Gardasil is Quadrivalent HPV vaccine which prevents cervical cancer and genital warts. Gardasil can be used in both male and female
B10 Gender Equality Network Inter Agency Network Htoo Htoo Thant Zin GEN is a diverse and inclusive network of more than 100 civil society organizations, national and international NGOs and Technical Resource Persons working to bring about gender equality and women’s right in Myanmar. GEN’s members meet on a monthly basis and active Working Groups are formed to respond to different issues. Through its network GEN conducts research, training, advocacy and campaign activities.
B15 Ipas Ipas is a global nongovernmental
 organization dedicated to ending preventable deaths and disabilities from unsafe
Lea Jones Ipas works globally to reduce abortion-related deaths and injuries, expand women’ s access to reproductive health information and services, and support women's ability to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights. We strive to foster a legal, policy and social environment supportive of all women’s rights to make their own sexual and reproductive health decisions freely and safely.
B20 V:ietnamPublicHealthAssociation(YPHA) VPHA is·a social, professional organization of volunteers who work in Public Health field in Vietnam Pham Due Phuc - Coordinator The Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA), the host of the next gth APCRSHR in 2017, is a social, professional organization of volunteers who work in Public Health field. At the booth in the gth APCRSHR, we would want to introduce about the gth APCRSHR, our organization and Vietnam.,